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Insurance Policy DVD
Insurance Policy DVD
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INSURANCE POLICY EFFECT - A card trick goes use your "SCAM" insurance policy for such things. You read the funny collection procedures, and conclude with the client or VIP of choice showing up as the King or Queen of Hearts on the back of the policy! (See Michael perform the routine on

Completely customizable. The DVD comes with the routine instructions (20 pages), and all the graphics files to create a custom policy for each and every show.

You’ll receive templates for the front and the back of the Policy for the King of Hearts and the Queen of Hearts. Each image is provided in landscape and portrait so you can decide which works best based on the photo from the client. The templates allow you to print out a Policy in a variety of different sizes so you can choose based on the gig how big you want to play this.

If you’re a performer... this old idea could be the best new trick in your show!

You Get:
20 Page Color Instruction Booklet with embedded videos
All necessary files to customize your policy in Photoshop or Word (or similar).

**You will need Acrobat Reader for the videos in the instructions to operate (it's free to download online)

OK for Windows or Mac

**Available as a download at

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